Keeping It Personal: Bridesmaid Gifts

Although no one would dispute that the wedding day is all about the bride and groom, there are many people intimately involved who make the day what it truly is: a celebration of love, friends and family. Bridesmaids can play an instrumental role in supporting the bride on her day, and the best way to [...]

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Wedding Day Regret #4: Not Speaking Up

Combing through wedding sites, getting advice from friends and family, and taking time to think through the details, we leave nothing to chance when planning our weddings. We try to prepare as thoroughly as possible in order to alleviate ourselves from any unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately, there’s always something that we just didn’t know about or [...]

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Just Say No: The Temptation to Overspend for Your Wedding.

So, you’re getting married. Now it’s time for the battle of the ’’nicetiesâ’ versus the ’’necessities.â’ Tempting to overspend for your wedding? It would be nice to have the leather bound guest book, the rose petals for the flower girl, or the custom centerpieces at the reception.  But when holding to a budget, are you [...]

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