The Frugally Decorated Wedding

You try to be wise with your money, and planning for your decorated wedding is no exception. When a little money has to be allocated to a lot of places, it’s time for some creativity when deciding how to ’’decorateâ’ for your wedding. And it only involves three activities: plan, hunt and gather. Planning a successful [...]

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Why You Need to “Really Like” Your Wedding Photographer

As you clip down your wedding to-do checklist, you’ll find there are a lot of people you’ll be directly interacting with: the caterer, the florist, the cake baker, the limo service, the venue director, the ceremony officiate, the seamstress, the wedding DJ, and the list can go on. That’s a lot of people and a [...]

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Adding Photojournalism to Your Wedding Day

Most of us are familiar with the ’’traditionalâ’ wedding pictures. The important participants involved in the wedding festivities are lined up in pre-arranged fashion. All perfectly choreographed by the professional wedding photographer to stand in position, they are then asked to look at the camera and say some clever word to get them to smile. [...]

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