Why Do Professional Wedding Photographers Seem So Expensive?

In the digital age, it seems like anyone can be well-equipped to take a decent looking picture. The price of digital cameras loaded with cool features has come down, and there are tons of classes being offered through online services to teach novices how to use it. Pinterest and plenty of other blogs are loaded [...]

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Finding the Perfect Place for Your Wedding Ceremony

Some of the most important pictures taken by your professional wedding photographer will be of your ceremony, so it’s important to find a location you love. Traditionally, churches have been the chosen venue for ceremonies, but you may be looking for something a little more out-of-the-box. With a little hunting, you may find the perfect [...]

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Remembering the Ones Behind the Wedding Scene

It takes a lot to pull off a successful wedding that stays within budget, sticks to its schedule, flows smoothly, and leaves everyone - especially the bride - fondly remembering this amazing day. Of course, you put in numerous hours to make this happen, but there are many people behind the scenes whose contributions, no [...]

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