Breaking Out the Catering Calculator

As wedding costs start adding, couples usually find themselves in the predicament of deciding what they will either do less of or completely without. Understandably, one of the most costly items of a wedding is the catering. It’s not cheap to feed a family of five let alone 150 friends and family members. If your [...]

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When It Comes to Your Wedding Photographer, Don’t Be a Wimp!

Most of us have either seen the shows or read the stories of the infamous ’’bridezilla.â’ She knows what she wants, and she doesn’t care who is trampled on to get it. Outside of the entertainment factor, we may find ourselves drawn to watching these outspoken types because it’s unbelievable there are actually people who [...]

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Do You “Owe” Anyone To Be In Your Wedding Party?

He finally popped the big question. But as you start sharing your excitement with an exuberant girlfriend, you quickly realize you weren’t prepared for her reply, ’’Great! It’s going to be fun looking for our dresses!â’ What do you tell her when you never had any intention of asking her to be a bridesmaid in [...]

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