Don’t Forget the Tips in Your Wedding Budget

You thought you nailed your wedding budget until you realized you forgot about the gratuity fees that may or may not be expected from wedding providers. There are always questions as to whom and how much to tip, and often advice varies. First verify if gratuity charges have already been added to the contract. Also [...]

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Is Your Survival Kit Ready for Your Wedding Day?

A Ripped seam, an upset stomach, a broken zipper, bad breath, an untimely stain, or even a lost earring back are just a few of the untimely mishaps or occurrences that can happen on your wedding day. The unfortunate part is that many are unprepared for them. We handle so many details when planning the [...]

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Looking For That Unforgettable Walk Down the Aisle?

Outside of the declaration of pronouncing the bride and groom, ’’husband and wife,â’ nothing quite draws an emotional response from the wedding guests than watching the bride finally make her entrance before the walk down the aisle. Every bride eagerly waits for this moment. After spending plenty of time and money on the dress, the shoes, [...]

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