When Parents Get in the Way of Your Wedding Plans

Here’s one reason why couples elope or keep it small in their wedding plans. It’s called the parents. If a couple is footing the bill for most of their wedding, heeding parental demands is of no concern. But if parents are carrying the cost, this can quickly change the dynamics - especially when they’re coming [...]

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According to Research, a Formal Wedding Leads to a Happier Marriage

Recently the National Marriage Project released its findings on how past behaviors and decisions can affect the level of marriage quality. This data was derived from closely examining the marital relationships of 418 individuals over the course of five years. Several insights regarding the role of premarital activity on marriage quality were observed. However, one [...]

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Personalize Your Wedding Photography Album from the Moment You Say, “Yes”

When putting together a wedding photography album, did you know that most are only chronicling a portion of their experience of getting married? There’s still a beginning and an end - the engagement and the honeymoon. So why not include these two events while compiling an album that completely journals the path you took to becoming [...]

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Avoid the “Wedding Tax” When Planning a Wedding

Did you know that rentals and food for a wedding can cost up to 25% more than if you were to throw an identical party for someone retiring? When vendors hear the word ’’wedding,â’ immediately the add-ons and additional costs come into play. This has often been referenced as the ’’wedding taxâ’ since weddings are [...]

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When Your Bridesmaid Wants to Back Out

Just two weeks before the wedding and a bridesmaid wants to back out. Now what do you do?   There are a number of reasons why a bridal attendant may step down from her role. In the past, illness or death were the two main obstacles keeping a bridesmaid away. Now it may be due [...]

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