Don’t Miss This When Viewing the Wedding Photographer Portfolio

It helps to clarify what you’re looking for when determining the right wedding photographer to shoot one of the biggest days of your life. You’ve personally met with him and he seems nice enough. You’ve examined a complete portfolio of his work and it appears like he knows what he’s doing. Even the packages and pricing is [...]

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Be Ready for This Big Emotional Moment at Your Wedding

Emotions at weddings - specifically your emotions at your wedding - will likely run the spectrum. It starts with the excitement and anticipation of how the day will unfold. It continues with stress as you feel the rush to get some of your wedding pictures in before the ceremony. The nerves begin to kick in followed [...]

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What to Do When the Groom Takes Over the Wedding Planning

In a simpler time, wedding planning ultimately fell to the bride and her mother. The primary responsibility of a groom was to care for himself and his buddies, and to make sure he showed up on time. But times have changed and the groom is increasingly getting more involved in the wedding planning. This could be a [...]

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Will that Pricey Engagement Ring Lead to a Shorter Marriage?

Does the amount of money spent on your engagement ring and wedding ceremony say anything about the duration of your marriage? According to a recent study, it might. Over the past fifty years, our culture has been lulled into a sense that weddings must be lavish affairs. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry and [...]

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