You said “yes” and that gorgeous ring on your finger is the living, sparkling proof of the big moment. Now, it is your turn to make a proposal and ask your friends if they want to be your bridesmaids. How to do it in a really fun, unique way? We have gathered some special card ideas to inspire you – so read on and create something that will actually surprise the most amazing ladies in your life.

  • Be a bit cheeky. These are your friends, the ladies you want to stand by you on one of the most crucial events in your life. So you can definitely allow yourself to be a bit “naughty” with the proposal. How about pointing out at all the amazing single (grooms)men that will be present at the wedding? Perfect for some fun-loving brides with great sense of humor!
  • Be anything but a Bridezilla…and promise this from the very beginning. Make your bridesmaids’ proposal cards honest and to-the-point by promising you’re not going to demand the impossible of these lovely ladies. Promise to be the nicest bride they have ever seen or dealt with!
  • Squeeze some tears. It’s OK, this is an emotional moment for everyone – so, if you want to make your cards more sentimental, it is more than admissible. Your bridesmaids will laugh with joy and cry with emotion at the beautiful words you have written for them!
  • Be self-ironic. Make a joke about the hideous dresses you have already Pinned some ideas for. Or about how you are going to have your bridesmaids help you put together all the invitation suites. Be funny about it – your bridesmaids will love it.

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