Your wedding music is essential to the success of the Big Day – precisely because it contributes immensely to creating a splendid, unforgettable atmosphere and because it helps people have a genuinely great time while at your wedding.

And yet, choosing the best musical options for this special event can sometimes feel quite stressful. What are some of the wedding music myths you should definitely not fall for? Read on and find out more.

  • “Any DJ or band will be just fine”. While we are more than certain there are a million-and-one DJs and bands that are absolutely perfect, it is important that you hire someone who is specialized in catering to varied audiences – such as the diverse crowd present at your wedding. Otherwise, people who have the same musical tastes as you will have a good time, while the other ones will be disappointed.
  • “DJs are far less expensive”. This is not entirely untrue. In general, a DJ can cost less than a band. However, it all depends on the specific disc jockey or band you choose. Do some research, shop around and see what fits your budget, your wedding style and your needs, rather than focusing on this one “semi-myth” only.
  • “DJs talk too much and they play cheesy music”. No, a great DJ doesn’t talk too much and he will most definitely play the kind of music you want at your wedding. As long as you talk to him about this, and tell him about the songs you like and dislike, he will keep it in mind and choose appropriate options for your Big Day.

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