Your bridesmaids should be nothing less than gorgeous, so be sure to choose a great dress color for them.

Not only are your bridesmaids your closest relatives and best friends, but they are also the ladies who will mirror you as a bride (and your entire wedding style) with their grace and beauty. Surely, you want these special friends to look amazing on your wedding day – and choosing a great dress color for them is absolutely essential when it comes to this.

How to do it? How to choose the best bridesmaids’ dress color? Read on and inspire yourself:

  • Dusty pink. Beautiful, delicate and really suave, dusty pink can really make anyone feel really good-looking. The best thing about this color is that it looks stunning on a variety of skin types and body shapes, so your bridesmaids will surely be splendid wearing it.
  • Deep Bordeaux. Looking for a color that yells sophistication, style and yet it is very vibrant and full of life? Bordeaux is precisely what you are looking for! Perfect for weddings in all seasons, this color is a true jewel that should be treasured for the amazing value it has – so it’s surely something you should consider for your Big Day.
  • Light grey. If you are searching for a color that works great with just about any wedding theme, consider the option of dressing your bridesmaids in light grey. Somewhere in between neutral and simply pretty, this color has a lot of power in it and it can definitely make a statement as your special ladies walk down the aisle to announce your big entrance.

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