Be sure not to fall for these wedding music myths!

Your wedding music is essential to the success of the Big Day – precisely because it contributes immensely to creating a splendid, unforgettable atmosphere and because it helps people have a genuinely great time while at your wedding. And yet, choosing the best musical options for this special event can sometimes feel quite stressful. What [...]

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Christine and Jonathan’s Wedding

Congrats to a super chic couple, Christine and Jonathan! Their contemporary wedding day was set in the city and celebrated at where else? Hotel 71! Sharing their first moment before the ceremony has its perks! This couple took advantage of a pre-ceremony photo shoot, allowing them to live in the moment of their ceremony and [...]

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Pre-Wedding Musts!

Make sure you don’t forget to do these things right before the wedding: No matter how meticulously you plan your wedding, you are still bound to forget certain things - especially in the craze following up to the Big Day. What are some of the things you should definitely not forget doing the days before [...]

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How to Choose Your First Dance Song

Candid and beautiful, the first dance is one of the most important wedding highlights - so both you and your future spouse will surely want every single detail about it to be absolutely perfect. How to do it? How to choose the very best song for this extremely unique moment? We have gathered some tips [...]

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Did You Get that Marriage Proposal this Valentine’s Day?

We all love a good engagement story. Not surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is known to be an extremely popular day for marriage proposals. In fact, according to the latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker, 14 million Americans were expecting to hear those little four words, "Will you marry me?" on this day. Especially when Americans are [...]

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Look for These 2015 Wedding Trends

It’s that time of year when professionals from the wedding industry pull out their forecasts of the hot trends in 2015. Although these trends may come and go, one thing that hasn’t changed is brides will continue to pursue a wedding that is uniquely their own. Here are five 2015 wedding trends that will no [...]

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How to Play Up a Winter Wedding Theme

If the cozy romance of a winter wedding appeals to you, here are some suggestions to get you excited about the unique details this season offers. Venue Details: Look for ceremony and reception venues that easily play up your winter wedding theme. Even if the venue is already decorated for the holidays, take the decor up a notch by adding your own [...]

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According to Research, a Formal Wedding Leads to a Happier Marriage

Recently the National Marriage Project released its findings on how past behaviors and decisions can affect the level of marriage quality. This data was derived from closely examining the marital relationships of 418 individuals over the course of five years. Several insights regarding the role of premarital activity on marriage quality were observed. However, one [...]

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Avoid the “Wedding Tax” When Planning a Wedding

Did you know that rentals and food for a wedding can cost up to 25% more than if you were to throw an identical party for someone retiring? When vendors hear the word ’’wedding,â’ immediately the add-ons and additional costs come into play. This has often been referenced as the ’’wedding taxâ’ since weddings are [...]

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When Your Bridesmaid Wants to Back Out

Just two weeks before the wedding and a bridesmaid wants to back out. Now what do you do?   There are a number of reasons why a bridal attendant may step down from her role. In the past, illness or death were the two main obstacles keeping a bridesmaid away. Now it may be due [...]

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