Congratulations to Kristen and Nick!

Kristen and Nick's wedding at Brookfield Zoo was the perfect complement to their personalities: elegant, fun-loving and easy going. They chose to have an outdoor ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends with whom they were able to laugh and cry with as they were joined as husband and wife. Just look at how [...]

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Be Ready for This Big Emotional Moment at Your Wedding

Emotions at weddings - specifically your emotions at your wedding - will likely run the spectrum. It starts with the excitement and anticipation of how the day will unfold. It continues with stress as you feel the rush to get some of your wedding pictures in before the ceremony. The nerves begin to kick in followed [...]

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Is Your Survival Kit Ready for Your Wedding Day?

A Ripped seam, an upset stomach, a broken zipper, bad breath, an untimely stain, or even a lost earring back are just a few of the untimely mishaps or occurrences that can happen on your wedding day. The unfortunate part is that many are unprepared for them. We handle so many details when planning the [...]

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Looking For That Unforgettable Walk Down the Aisle?

Outside of the declaration of pronouncing the bride and groom, ’’husband and wife,â’ nothing quite draws an emotional response from the wedding guests than watching the bride finally make her entrance before the walk down the aisle. Every bride eagerly waits for this moment. After spending plenty of time and money on the dress, the shoes, [...]

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Finding the Perfect Place for Your Wedding Ceremony

Some of the most important pictures taken by your professional wedding photographer will be of your ceremony, so it’s important to find a location you love. Traditionally, churches have been the chosen venue for ceremonies, but you may be looking for something a little more out-of-the-box. With a little hunting, you may find the perfect [...]

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Remembering the Ones Behind the Wedding Scene

It takes a lot to pull off a successful wedding that stays within budget, sticks to its schedule, flows smoothly, and leaves everyone - especially the bride - fondly remembering this amazing day. Of course, you put in numerous hours to make this happen, but there are many people behind the scenes whose contributions, no [...]

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Want an Authentic Wedding? Go Vintage

As the saying goes, ’’Everything old is new again,â’ and this certainly goes for the vintage-inspired wedding that has taken hold during the past few years. Rather than trying to find the traditional ’’something oldâ’ to incorporate into their ceremonies, brides are now choosing to personalize elements from past eras to make their weddings authentic. [...]

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Three Reasons to have your Wedding after the Winter Holidays.

Who doesn't love the romanticism of a winter wedding with the lovely backdrop of gently falling snowflakes laying a pristine blanket over the landscape? Okay, the frigid temperatures, possible blizzards, and icy roadways that usually accompany winter are not for everyone. However, if you’re looking to do a wedding in the most cost effective way [...]

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